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Cooking With a Wok: A How-To Guide

There are few ways to get authentic ethnic flavors and flair in your cooking without resorting to takeout cooked by professionals, but using a good wok for Asian dishes certainly gets you one step closer. This post explains all the basics of cooking with a wok, from how to choose the right one for your home kitchen, to how to clean it for the first time and season it properly before you even start cooking.

How to Bake a Batch of Brownies to Perfection Every Time

Brownies are one of the sweetest and most delicious comfort foods around. But baking brownies isn’t a foolproof task, and plenty can go wrong on the way to gooey goodness when you’re making them from scratch. Here’s how to avoid these common mistakes for a perfect batch every time.


TV Talk: The Best New Food Shows

If you’re like us, when you’re not actually making food or eating food, you’re watching shows about food on TV and *wishing* you were eating something delicious. Luckily for you, with a new season comes new shows and this fall’s food shows will be some of the best. This post from Eater lists 11 of […]

Cuckoo for Coconut Milk: How to Use It

Coconut milk is one of the most versatile ingredients you can find at your local store, but many people have never opened a can of it to cook with. That’s a real shame because it can be used to make everything from sauces to curries and soups. This post from Serious Eats showcases some of […]

Garlic Gimmicks: Soak, Smash or Shake?

Using garlic can really make a dish more sophisticated and flavorful, but the frustration involved in attempting to peel a clove of garlic can derail that flavor before you even begin. This video from ChefSteps shows you three of the best and easiest ways to peel garlic, from soaking it in water to smashing it […]

The Easiest Chicken Stock You’ll Ever Make

The specialty of slow cookers is the ability to make a hearty stew or pot roast, simmered in its own juices, all day while you’re at work. But there are plenty of other things slow cookers are good for, too. For example, this post from The Kitchn will show you exactly how to make a […]

How to Pack Healthy School Lunches They’ll Actually Like

Packing lunches ahead of time for your kids to take to school is hard enough, but trying to get a full serving of vegetables into their lunch box (without being traded for pudding), too? Almost impossible. But these tips from Food 52 shared by real parents about how to pack healthy lunches might just save […]