Butternut Squash Seed Oil: Your Newest Food Addiction

Fall is quickly approaching, and soon delicious autumnal foods like butternut squash will be gracing menus and our kitchens again. We can’t wait for butternut squash ravioli, soup and risotto to warm us up as the fall days get chillier. It’s such a hearty vegetable, and can even be used as a starchy side in place of mashed potatoes, but with tons more natural flavor. But there’s one use you probably haven’t heard of before, and it’s really a shame. This post from Bon Appetit that highlights butternut squash seed oil will have you rethinking every cooking oil you’ve ever used before, and also have you drizzling it on every dish you can get your hands onto.

Butternut squash seed oil came about as somewhat of an accident, but we’re so happy it did. In an attempt to salvage the usually wasted seeds from the delicious veggie, the seed oil was born. Voila! Unlike most cooking oils, the shining characteristic of this one is that its smoking point is at about 425 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning you can use it even when you’re cooking foods that require high temperatures. And it’s delicious on almost anything, from soups and salads to creamy vanilla ice cream. For even more on this wonder ingredient, continue reading.

Read the full article here: Butternut Squash Seed Oil Is Exactly What Your Pantry Has Been Missing

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