Everything College Didn’t Teach You About Cooking

For as much as our college professors taught us about world history and biology, there really should have be a course that teaches students valuable life lessons like cooking. This post from Food Republic reveals how food-obsessed startup Spoon University aims to change all that, by providing college students with simple cooking tips that will […]

Cheesy Goodness for Last-Minute Entertaining

We all have those friends and relatives that happen to always drop by when you’re least expecting company, and when your fridge is completely devoid of any food. This feta dip recipe from Food 52 will help you still be the hostess with the mostest with just a few ingredients that you can always keep […]

Make an Even Better Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary’s are one of the most classic savory cocktails (and hangover cures) out there, but why not mix things up a bit from time to time? This video from Eater provides three alternate versions of this tasty, tomato-y concoction, from a liquid take on the Caprese salad as a lighter version of a Bloody […]

Tapping Into the Nitro Coffee Craze

Everyone loves beer on tap, and by now there’s even some bars and restaurants experimenting with wine tap systems, but coffee? That’s a new one. This post from The Kitchn shares the lowdown on the nitro coffee craze, from how this version of cold brew came to be, to how it’s stored and where you […]

Turn Juicy Peaches Into an Even Juicier Frozen Cocktail

It’s challenging to find the perfect peach at the market; most are over-ripe or not ripe enough yet, and then by the time they’ve softened up on your kitchen counter, you’ve forgotten about them until it’s too late. Until now, that is. With this frozen peach cocktail with whiskey, honey and cardamom from Epicurious, you […]

Get Ready for Fall With Apple Pie Scones

Summer may not officially be over yet, but if you’re already craving the sweet and spiced flavors of fall, these apple pie scones may be the perfect transition dessert. And just think of it this way: you’ll have plenty of time to “test” and perfect this recipe from Budget Bytes before fall has officially arrived. […]

Break Out of Your Breakfast Rut With These Delicious Ideas

When school starts up again, it’s easy to get into the same old routines we always do, especially when it comes to making breakfast for the kids. But instead of the usual scrambled eggs with toast or a bowl of cereal, why not mix things up a bit? These inventive breakfast ideas from Bon Appetit […]

Go Shopping for These Summer Fruits and Veggies

With more time on your hands to spend in the kitchen, summer is the perfect time to experiment with different seasonal produce that you don’t normally cook with. This post from Food 52 highlights some of the best fruits and veggies available now and what to make with them, from grilled okra to a sweet […]

The Best Sides to Pair With Salmon

Salmon is one of the healthiest proteins out there, and also one of the tastiest. But with such a distinct flavor of its own, it can be tricky to pair sides with it. This post from Serious Eats gives a rundown of some of the best salads, green veggies and starchy sides that will complement […]

How Do You Make Grilled Cheese Even Better? Add Avocado

Grilled cheese is one of the best and most classic sandwiches out there, but what if it could be even better? This post from The Kitchenthusiast shows that by combining our love of grilled cheese with one of our other great foodie loves – avocados – you can make a match made in sandwich heaven. […]