Yogurt On Pizza? It’s a Thing

You’re familiar with yogurt from your daily breakfast of Greek yogurt with granola and berries, but have you ever thought to top your favorite white pizza with it? This white pizza recipe from Food 52 showcases the versatility of yogurt, and shows how combining Greek yogurt with ricotta cheese can make the perfect base for […]

Time to Hop On the Cold Brew Coffee Craze

Most people think of coffee as a hot beverage to warm (and wake) them up on a cold morning. But this post from Food Network explores how cold brew coffee is becoming the next big thing in caffeinated beverages. Coffee addicts are switching from their usual iced coffee to cold brew for a less bitter […]

Finding the Freshest Fillet At the Seafood Counter

We get it: the seafood counter at your local market can be overwhelming. There are so many kinds of fishing, knowing which one to choose for dinner and how to pick the freshest fillet can feel intimidating. This video from Bon Appetit provides some pro tips for choosing the best fillet, from what to look […]

The Perfect Seasonal Summer Pasta

A heaping bowl of hot and spicy pasta may not be the most obvious choice for a summer meal, but when it includes seasonal favorites like cherry tomatoes, plenty of herbs, and some juicy, spicy sausage, you’ll have a hard time during it down, even on the hottest day. This video from Jamie Oliver’s Food […]

Low-Carb Dishes Even Carb Lovers Will Love

Low-carb diet fads may come and go, but regardless of the new trendy food regimen, it’s generally best to cook with carbs in moderation. Closet Cooking has assembled some of their best low-carb recipes so you can fill up on veggies, proteins and fruits, instead of empty carbs. From appetizers like pesto grilled shrimp to […]

Don’t Overdo It: A Guide to Perfectly Cooked Meat

Cooking meat at home is something that any amateur chef can handle, but being able to tell when it’s done without overcooking it is a little trickier. This post from About.com provides a guide for knowing exactly when your meat is done, and what temperature it should be depending on your preparation preference. Read the […]

The Right Way to Cut All Your Favorite Summer Fruits

Fresh seasonal fruit is one of the best things about summer, but some fruits require a little more effort and preparation than others. If you’ve ever struggled with a pineapple or had trouble slicing up a watermelon, you’re not alone. This video from Bon Appetit will show you the right way to cut all kinds […]

Beer Jelly? Yeah, You Heard That Right

Beer is great, and jelly is great, but what about beer jelly? This post from Food Republic explains how this non-alcoholic yet boozy version of classic jelly is becoming increasingly popular when combined with fresh and fruity flavors. You may not get a buzz with breakfast, but Apricot Ale and Orange Hefeweizen jelly will certainly […]

How to Freeze Summer Fruits to Snack On All Year

Summer may be reaching its end, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop snacking on fresh berries and seasonal stone fruit. This post from The Kitchn shares some expert tips for freezing your freshest summer fruits so you can enjoy them even in winter when you’ve forgotten what it feels like to have the […]

Pro Tips for Grilling With Charcoal

Have you ever used lighter fluid for grilling meat on the barbecue and then had all your hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks taste a whole lot like lighter fluid? Turns out, there’s a rhyme and reason for using charcoal for grilling, and this video from Eater will tell you why. Not only that, but it’ll […]