Don’t Bother With Delivery: Make These Takeout Classics at Home

Some nights, after you’ve had a rough day at work or spent the entire afternoon running after your kids, the only thing that sounds appealing for dinner is takeout. You don’t have to do any work besides calling up your favorite delivery spot and placing the order, and there’s minimal cleanup, too; just toss the empty containers in the recycling bin when you’re finished eating. No muss, no fuss. But delivery isn’t always the most cost-efficient dinner option, meaning you’ll pay a premium for the convenience of it all. And does that pizza from down the street really taste better than something you could easily make on your own?

This post from Cooking Channel’s Devour blog shows you how easy it is to make delicious variations of classic takeout dishes at home, for a fraction of the cost and about the same amount of time it would take for your food to arrive.

Indian food is one of the most comforting cuisines to have delivered, but if you don’t order from the best place, you may have to worry about some questionable ingredients or cooking practices. This recipe for chicken tikka masala only takes about half an hour to make on your own, and you can customize the spice factor exactly to your liking. Read on for more homemade versions of takeout classics.

Read the full article here: 6 Fake-Out Takeout Recipes That Are Faster Than Delivery

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