Getting Creative With Canning Jars

Even if you’re not into canning, preserving or making jam, it’s no secret that Mason jars are having quite a moment. They’re frequently used in restaurants as vessels for serving craft cocktails, vases for bouquets of flowers, to hold tea light candles, and even to ensconce lightbulbs in rather hipster light fixtures. But even for those of us who aren’t professional restaurant owners, crafters or electricians, there are plenty of ways to use canning jars like Mason jars in a home kitchen. This post from The Kitchn provides a roundup of some of the most practical and inventive uses for canning jars when you’re not using them for their originally intended purpose.

One of the most obvious uses for canning jars, other than actually canning jams, is for storing things. Whether you’re looking to store flour without the messy bag, keep leftovers good in the fridge, or even organize your stash of pens and pencils on your office desk, Mason jars are the perfect container for just about anything. Similarly, you can also use them as containers for bringing your lunch to work or school. It’s easy to heat food up directly in the jars once you take the lids off, and anything from soup to pasta will keep perfectly in them. Read on for even more canning jar uses.

Read the full article here: 10 of the Best Uses for Canning Jars

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