How to Bake a Batch of Brownies to Perfection Every Time

Brownies are one of the sweetest and most delicious comfort foods around. Just try to eat a gooey, chocolate chip brownie warm from the oven while the smell of cocoa fills your kitchen and not be instantly cheered up and satisfied. But baking brownies isn’t a foolproof task, and plenty can go wrong on the way to gooey goodness when you’re making them from scratch. This post from The Kitchn shares five of the most common mistakes involved in brownie baking, and how to avoid them.

For starters, it’s important to make sure you’re using the right kind of pan. Using a pan that’s either too big or too small means you’ll end up with brownies that are either over-cooked and dried out, or under-cooked and totally mushy in the center – and not in a good way. Once you’ve got your baking supplies squared away, it’s time to get cooking. But keep in mind that chocolate needs to cool after melting before you add it to the eggs and sugar. If t’s too hot when you combine these ingredients, you’ll end up with some really funky, cooked eggs – not what you want when you’re baking. For even more brownie-making tips, keep reading.

Read the full article here: 5 Mistake to Avoid When Making Brownies

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