How to Give Your Kitchen a Trendy Makeover

There’s something about cooking in a clean, bright kitchen that just makes the food taste better. New appliances, neatly organized shelves, and plenty of space to chop and slice make cooking even more appealing. But some kitchens go beyond the obvious of cleanliness and organization and are downright trendy. If you’re thinking of redoing your kitchen anytime soon, but aren’t quite sure what’s “in,” this post from Apartment Therapy showcases seven of the hottest new trends in kitchen decorating.

One trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon is a rustic yet industrial look. It seems that everyone is attempting to create an industrial farmhouse look with their kitchens these days for a surprisingly chic and effortless-looking space.

If you’re looking for a whole-house overhaul, why not try your hand at creating an open kitchen plan? You may have to knock down  a few walls in the process, but the result will be a bright kitchen that flows seamlessly into the other rooms of your house.

For a slightly less intrusive update, colored, patterned tiles are also currently trending in many kitchens these days. Whether you’re adding a pop of color with modern flooring, or creating a vintage look with antique tiles behind the sink, you can’t go wrong. For more kitchen design trends, keep reading.

Read the full article here: What’s Hot Now: 7 New Trends for Today’s Kitchen

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