Make-Ahead Lunches that Won’t Break the Bank of Tip the Scale

Making lunch for work or on the go can become monotonous if you tend to go for the same salad day after day, but buying a sandwich or heartier meal while you’re out quickly adds up and becomes an expensive habit, not to mention one that can quickly affect your waistline, too. This post from Serious Eats shares over 30 ideas for inventive lunches that won’t break the bank, or the scale, so you can eat something different and delicious every day of the month.

This brown rice bowl with wakame, shrimp, avocado and sprouts is one of the easiest things you can make ahead for a work lunch; just throw everything into a bowl or tupperware container and you’re good to go. Plus, the flavors mingle together just right for an almost tropical touch. For a taste of the Southwest, try a chickpea salad tossed with bacon, cotija cheese and roasted chilis, and topped with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. The chickpeas are just as filling as any animal protein, and healthier for you, too. But if you just can’t get enough poultry, try this white bean chicken chili that you can start making the night before. For even more lunch ideas, continue reading.

Read the full article here: 31 Hearty, Healthy(ish) Make-Ahead Lunches

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